Боинг представя нoвия модел 787 Dreamliner

Aircraft manufacturing company Boeing released stunning footage of their new 787 Dreamliner model performing amazing aerial feats, Thursday, the pilot wowing viewers by completing a near-vertical take-off in Washington earlier in the week. Just as the Boeing Dreamliner is set to take off, the pilot pulls the aircraft into a steep climb, finally levelling the plane and performing complicated aerial maneuvers, clearly not suitable for an everyday passenger flight. Some 509 of the new Boeing models have been ordered by 30 separate customers, the Dreamliners offering a variety of improvements on its previous model, boasting 20 per cent less fuel usage and more passenger and freight room. The plane will fly into Le Bourget Airport in France next week for the 2015 Paris Airshow, running from 5th to the 21st of June. Video courtesy of Boeing