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Check out these stunning satellite photos of Earth as art *STILLS*

2 18.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Painted Horse: the six volcanoes on the Isla Isabela in the Galapagos
W/S Re-entry: Jebel Kissu, in northwestern Sudan
W/S Bleeding Heart: A cirrus cloud over the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan
W/S Mezen Mixing: Mezen River meets the Arctic Ocean in northern Russia
W/S Caspian Scour: Chunks of ice in the Tyuleniy Archipelago, Caspian Sea
W/S Salty Desolation: One of the largest salt pans inthe world, in Namibia
W/S Crimson Streams: Vegetation and streams along the Atlas Mountains of Morocco
W/S Outburst: glacial landscape at the southern Iceland plain of Skeioararsandur
W/S Expressions in the Desert: Eroded plateaus in the Western Desert, central Egypt
W/S Painting the Desert: The Lake Eyre Basin in Australia
W/S Serene Expressions: Sediment in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast
W/S Fractured: Cracking ice on the Arctic Ocean in far northern Canada
W/S Wondrous Wetlands: Rivers flow into the Bangweulu Wetlands in Zambia
W/S Icy Vortex: Ice floating in the Foxe Basin of northern Canada
W/S Bleak Midwinter: The Minnesota river in southwestern Minnesota
W/S Deep Blue Cubism: Rivers that flow into the Aral Sea, southern Uzbekistan
W/S Mackenzie Meets Beaufort: Beaufort Sea from the Mackenzie River, in far northern Canada
W/S Facing the Tide: Rupert Bay, an arm of James Bay in Quebec, Canada
W/S Fanciful Fluorescence: Clouds, mountains, including Mount Rainier, near Seattle in Washington
W/S Watching Wetlands: A high-altitude wetland called a fen in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado
W/S Desert Ribbons: Jbel Ouarkziz, a tectonic plate ridge in the Moroccan desert in northwestern Africa
W/S Copper and Blue: Lake ice in the Whitefish Lake, Northwest Territories in northern Canada
W/S Parallel Dunes: Shallow lakes and sand dunes in the Simpson Desert Regional Reserve of South Australia
W/S Sand Waves: Sand dunes in Namibia
W/S Sabotage: Argentina’s Colorado River
W/S Torn Apart: three tectonic plates shift away from each other near the Erta Ale shield volcano, northeastern Ethiopia
W/S A Study in Algae: Algae in Milford Lake, Kansas
W/S Irritated: Wadis, or dry valleys, in Western Sahara, Africa
W/S Shifting Shapes: Farmland in northeastern China
W/S Fanned Out: Balkh River, in northern Afghanistan, near the border with Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan
W/S Shoal Complex: The Schooner Cays shoal complex, near Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas
W/S Blue Ice: Blue ice in Antarctica, near the Queen Fabiola Mountains, also called the Yamato Mountains
W/S Southwestern Abstract: Farm fields in northeastern Brazil
W/S Palmyra: Land and coral reefs on Palmyra Atoll, about 1,000 miles from Hawaii
W/S Storm amid the Calm: Gweni-Fada Crater, a meteorite impact crater in the Ennedi Plateau of northern Chad
W/S Rapid Ice Movement: A glacier on Russian islands in the Arctic Ocean
W/S Tantibus: The Rocky Mountains of Utah and Colorado
W/S Tapestry: Asharah fault zone, southwestern Saudi Arabia, near the border with Yemen
W/S The Watcher: Volcanic landscape in the Tibesti Mountains of Chad
W/S Unfriendly Landscape: mountains and valleys in the Valley of the Moon, Jordan
W/S Weird Watercolor: Lava flows in northeastern Kenya
A collaboration between NASA and the US Geological Survey has seen some spectacular infrared images emerge of tectonic plates, volcanos and rivers all over the planet, that look like art.
The 'Earth As Art' project, which began in the early 2000s, is now in its sixth edition and includes images from satellites and USGS drones equipped with infrared sensors.
Not only do the photos show the beauty of the planet, but also the rapid way in which it is changing.
Mandatory Credit: US Geological Survey, Department Of The Interior/USGS