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US Coast Guard spokesperson Mark Fedor said that he believed the missing El Faro cargo ship had sank off the Bahamas during a press conference at the Coast Guard Air Station in Miami, Monday. Fedor confirmed that one body had been found during the search and rescue operation conducted by the Coast Guard after the ship went missing off the coast of the Bahamas on Thursday when it sailed into the path of Hurricane Joaquin. "For our search planning efforts we are assuming that the vessel has sank. We believe it sank in the last known position that we recorded on Thursday. What that means though, we just change our search planning efforts. We are still looking for survivors, or any signs of life, any signs of that vessel. We are still doing that, so the search for survivors continues," Fedor told the press. "Yesterday, because of those favourable search conditions, we were able to see a lot of material that was at sea, a lot of things that came from a container ship of that size, so we know we recovered the El Faro's life ring, we also recovered a life boat that had the markings of El Faro on it, it was heavily damaged, but it was recovered, no signs of life there," Fedor went on to say, adding that "in one of the survival suits we did identify human remains, in one of the survival suits. We lowered a rescue swimmer to confirm that the person was deceased, and was basically unidentifiable." The El Faro cargo ship was travelling from Jacksonville, Florida, to Puerto Rico when it went missing of the southeastern coast of the Bahamas during Hurricane Joaquin. Thirty-three crew members where on board at the time, including 28 US citizens and five Polish nationals.


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