Scream Queens Casting Shake-Up: Joe Manganiello Is Out—Olive Hudson Is In

Scream Queens has just lost some major star power...but it's gaining another cast member!
E! News has confirmed thatJoe Mangianello has exited the new Fox anthology series set to premiere this fall.
The True Blood star was set to take on a series regular role on Ryan Murphy's new horror series, but had to drop out before production began due to "scheduling conflicts."
Blame it on his commitments to internationally promote the summer blockbuster Magic Mike XXL! Manganiello is also reportedly trying to clear any scheduling conflicts he might have for the DC Comics movie Suicide Squad, as he's being considered for the role of Deathstroke. So who's going to take on Manganiello's now-vacant lead role? E! News has confirmed that it's none other than Nashville's Oliver Hudson!