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Hundreds of protesters marched through the Puerto Rican capital San Juan, Sunday, rallying against US colonialism, imperialism and capitalism, calling for Puerto Rican independence and showing support for incarcerated Oscar Lopez Rivera. Lopez Rivera, a Puerto Rican revolutionary, is beginning his 34th year in a US prison. He was a key figure in the Puerto Rican independence movement of the 1970s, working as a community organizer and campaigner for social equality. Among other charges he was convicted of "seditious conspiracy" in the US in 1981 for his role in the Armed Forces of National Liberation (FARN). He faces 55 years in jail - a term due to expire in 2027 when Lopez Rivera will be 84 years old. FARN sought to turn Puerto Rico into an independent communist state. Protesters could be seen holding Puerto Rican and Puerto Rican Independence Party as well as banners with slogans such as "Independence, freedom for Oscar Lopez" and "Colonialism: A crime under USA flag" on them. Hector Pesqueras Sevillano, Co-President of the the Hostosian National Independence Movement, said that people on the march were performing their "duty" to fight for Puerto Rico's independence. Puerto Rico, known officially as the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States and has been since 1898 when under the Treaty of Paris, Spain ceded the island to the US following the conclusion of the Spanish-American War.


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