Russia: Medvedev talks EU sanctions, refugee crisis with Finnish PM

Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev held a joint press conference with his Finnish counterpart Juha Sipila following a closed-door meeting in St. Petersburg, Friday. Bilateral relations as well as the current refugee crisis and EU sanctions against Russia were on the agenda of the meeting.
While addressing the press, Medvedev stated that Finland is Russia's "close neighbour and partner." Hovewer, EU "sanctions have damaged our cooperation in some industries," he said, adding: "I do not know who benefits from sanctions. Maybe there are countries that do, but certainly they [sanctions] are beneficial neither for Russia, nor for Finland."
The Russian prime minister also called European migration policy "short-sighted" and said the ongoing refugee crisis would have been avoided if "those events in the middle East" didn't take place that led to a "detonation of the general situation in a number of countries – in Syria, in Libya and in some other states."
This is the first visit of the current Finnish prime minister to Russia and his first meeting with Dmitri Medvedev.