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UK: Protesters stage 'Kick Him Out' march in PM Johnson's constituency

5 16.11.2019 Инфо

M/S Protesters march to oppose UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson ahead of general election, London
M/S Banner reading: "Kick Boris out"
M/S Protesters marching behind bus
M/S DJ on open-top bus
W/S Protesters march and wave at residents
M/S Protesters look off bus
M/S Protesters march and wave at residents
W/S Protesters march
M/S Residents waving at protesters from shop
C/U Woman takes photo from bus
M/S Woman chants on bus
W/S Residents wave at bus
M/S Protesters march
C/U Protesters take selfie
W/S Protesters handle leaflets to residents
W/S Protesters march
C/U Protester on bus
M/S Protesters march
M/S Poster on bus
W/S Protesters and bus
M/S Protesters chant and dance
W/S Protesters march
W/S Bus approaches
M/S Residents take photos
M/S Protesters march
M/S Policeman watch protesters approaching during anti-Boris Johnson march, London
Led by an open-top bus with a DJ set on the upper deck, a group of protesters marched through UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's parliamentary constituency of Uxbridge, in London on Saturday, to demonstrate against the British leader who is standing in the forthcoming general election.
Protesters marched from Uxbridge Town Centre to Brunel University, leafleting residents whilst en route and dancing as music was played from by the DJ.
Around 100 people attended the protest, which was called for by the group 'Fck Govt Fck Boris.'