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Щатите: Искаме да намерим допирни точки с Венецуела

6 21.04.2015 Инфо

US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the US is "open to further addressing our differences and attempting to find areas of common ground" with Venezuela, during his address at the Washington Conference on the Americas, Tuesday. Kerry said that it was "no secret" that US-Venezuelan ties had been "severely strained" in recent years and pointed to recent events, including US President Barack Obama meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro at the 2015 Summit of the Americas in Panama, as examples of how things may be improving between the two nations. Kerry also praised Obama's stance on US-Cuban relations but suggested that the reason behind the change was due to the fact that the previous policy "was doing far more to isolate the United States from our friends in the hemisphere than it was to isolate Havana."