Italy PM Renzi's Party Pledges to Stay on Course After Vote Setback

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's ruling centre-left party promised on Monday to push on with its reform agenda after anti-establishment and euro-sceptic parties posted strong results in local elections.
Centre-left candidates backed by Renzi's Democratic Party won five out of seven regions that voted on Sunday. But a fall in the overall vote and the loss of the key region of Liguria dented the unchallenged supremacy Renzi, 40, has held over Italian politics since becoming prime minister in Feb 2014.
PD officials said the results, which still leave the party in control of 17 of Italy's 20 regional governments, showed clear support for Renzi's agenda. But they could not hide their dismay at losing Liguria, in part due to a breakaway leftist candidate who split the leftwing vote.