Ashanti Opens Up About Facing Her Stalker and Breakup With Rapper Nelly

Ashanti may have taken a step back from the music scene for a while, but the R&B diva has definitely had her hands full.
The 34-year-old star sat down with talk show host Meredith Vieira to discuss two big things have affected her life recently—dealing with a longtime stalker and breaking up with fellow hip-hop head Nelly.
Vieira began, "We were talking in the beginning of the show all you've been going through with this man, this stalker. The way you've handled it to me is very impressive. This is a man, just to remind the audience, he started stalking you, your family really in 2003, 2009 he went to prison for a couple of years has since come out and has continued the behavior."
Ashanti responded, "It's not fun, it's a little cooky. It's very annoying to continue to take off from what I have to do with work for court and stuff. I think we have to go back to court again this month and I am not thrilled at all."