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Serbia: Over 80 and still has his own teeth! Meet Muja, 'the world's oldest alligator'

5 170 09.08.2016 Инфо

Muja the American alligator could still be seen in snapping action at Belgrade Zoo, Tuesday, despite zoo officials announcing that he is the oldest of his species in captivity in the world, having stayed at the Serbian facility since 1937.
Muja arrived as a fully-grown adult at the Belgrade Zoo just a year after its opening during the interwar period. He remains the only living inhabitant of the zoo's garden that managed to survive a world war, three major bombing incidents in the country's capital and the 1990's Balkans crisis.
Aleksandar Rakocevic cares for Muja and believes that as Muja was an adult when he first arrived "he is certainly over 85 years old." He is in good shape for an alligator his age and eats five to six kilograms of meat once a week.
Muja's only recent health problem was in 2012 when he had his right front leg amputated to prevent the spread of gangrene.