Russia: Zakharova slams mainstream media for 'biased' US presidential race coverage

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova spoke about controversy over media coverage of the 2016 US presidential race and called several US news channels "biased" in covering candidates' campaigns, while speaking in Moscow on Thursday.
"At the end of September when you watched CNN you had a feeling that the only person who could save this planet was Hillary Clinton. But when you changed to Fox [Fox News Channel], you got an absolutely opposite impression and it seemed that the only person who could really save the world was Donald Trump. You had a feeling of the unfair mass media sources which didn't keep back the truth whom they supported. It is an important signal and dangerous tendency," she said.
Speaking about the normalisation of relations between Russia and United States, Zakharova stated, "Great work should be done in order to improve bilateral relations or, in our case, it's better to say to lead them out of a deadlock." She continued, "We have heard those statements that were made ahead of the election. Many of them indeed give much cause for optimism."