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Chile: Clashes as Santiago feminist movement observes 'The Other 9/11'

2 12.09.2019 Инфо

M/S Protester confronting police saying in Spanish "Here you can tell that the dictatorship is never over", Santiago
M/S Protesters being arrested by police as water canon is fired
M/S Young men struggling with police trying to put them in police cars
M/S Scuffles between police and protesters
M/S Young men struggling with police trying to put them in police cars
W/S Police and protesters
W/S Police moving in
W/S Police arresting people
W/S Police putting detained individuals in vehicle
M/S Police holding teargas launcher
M/S Protesters holding photographs of missing prisoners
W/S Protesters holding photographs of missing prisoners as speaker addresses them
M/S Graffiti on ground painted reading in Spanish: "They don't make us disappear"
W/S Facade of national stadium, main torture and detention center
M/S Banner hanging from Stadium with images of US President Donald Trump and Chilean President Sebastian Pinera locking tongues like snakes
M/S Projections of Salvador Allende's speeches on national stadium
W/S Families visiting stadium to light candles in homage to missing detainees
M/S Families lighting candles
C/U Candles
W/S Carnival with traditional folk music of Salvador Allende's time
C/U Candles
M/S People lighting candles
M/S Candles being lit
M/S Candles being lit
W/S Candles around pool
Police intervened and arrested protesters as the Chilean capital Santiago on Wednesday observed the 46th anniversary of the outsing of Chilean president Salvador Allende by General Augusto Pinochet.
A small group of women, organised by Coordinator Feminist March 8, had descended upon Santiago's downtown where later turned into the scene of clashes and unrest.
Elsewhere close to the National Stadium, used as a torture and detention facility during Pinochet's rule, crowds commemorated victims of the dictatorship by lighting candles and dancing to folklore songs. Speeches made by Allende were projected on the Stadium facade.
On September 11, 1973, Pinochet overthrew the socialist president Allende and essentially began one of the darkest eras in Chilean history.