Hungary: Jobbik stages anti-migration rally, calls for EU to revise refugee quota

Thousands of Hungarian nationalists gathered in Budapest, Wednesday, for an anti-migration and anti-EU demonstration organized by Jobbik, the Movement for a Better Hungary. The leader of Jobbik Gabor Vona attacked the German Chancellor and the President of the European Commission on their refugee crisis management by saying: "The ideology of Juncker and Merkel and the whole multiculturalism is not a European ideology, but a wrong direction. If someone wants to protect Hungary and Europe from terrorism, he also has to protect them from immigration." The latest protest comes after a series of terror attacks hit Paris on Friday evening, sparking an ever-growing trend of anti-migration sentiments in the country, as well as in Europe. According to the authorities, more than 386,000 migrants have crossed into the country as of November 2015, with the number likely to exceed 700,000 by the end of the year. Hungary is the second most popular destination for the asylum-seekers, as it had more than 143,070 applications by the end of August.