Netherlands: Kiev's 'Pianist Extremist' serenades for EU accession at train station

Markiyan Matsekh, the piano player who became an icon of the Maidan protests, played for travellers in Utrecht Central Station, Monday morning, ahead of the Dutch referendum on Ukraine. With his music, the 24-years-old Ukrainian is attempting to convince the Dutch to vote for a non-binding referendum on the EU-Ukraine association agreement, set for April 6.
Matsekh said that "playing the piano is a good link to what happened in the revolution and it's a good way to express; it's a very peaceful and neutral way to communicate."
Last week, Matsekh began a tour of the biggest Dutch train stations, where pianos have been placed at the disposal of travellers. Along with Utrecht, he has already played in stations in Zwolle, Leeuwarden and Maastricht.
The musician attained recognition after he was photographed playing the piano in front of a line of riot police in Maidan square during the Ukrainian uprising.
On Wednesday April 6th, the Netherlands will organise a referendum on whether to agree or not with the proposed EU Association Agreement with Ukraine. The latest polls suggest that the 'no' choice is currently ahead.