Austria: FPO's Strache calls for tighter immigration laws to prevent 'parallel societies'

Chairman of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), Heinz-Christian Strache, called on the Austrian government to tighten rules on immigration and reduce the number of refugees coming in to the country, during a press conference in Vienna on Thursday.
"We need concrete political assessments and appropriate solutions. I ask very clearly for borders to be closed in the end, to stop migratory flows and to significantly reduce social benefits for non-Austrians," he said.
Strache continued, "in 2015, around 1.8 million people with a migratory background lived in Austria ... [which] means that every fifth Austrian has a migratory background," he added.
Moreover, according to Strache, "around a quarter of a million migrants completely or partially reduce our society. There is a huge danger of so-called parallel societies."