Yemeni Forces Seize Houthi Positions on Aden Outskirts

Local officials say Yemeni forces backed up by Saudi-led coalition air strikes have recaptured positions on the outskirts of Aden used by the Houthi group to fire rockets into the southern port city. Forces loyal to exiled President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, seized the town of Muthalath al-Ilm, at Aden's eastern entrance.
The fighters, who call themselves the Southern Resistance forces, also recaptured neighborhoods to the north of Aden from the Houthis.
Local officials said the two sides were still fighting in al-Houta, the capital of the southern province of Lahj, 20 miles from Aden, where clashes have persisted for several days.
Saudi air raids reportedly also targeted locations across the south,