China: Putin notes 'positive dynamics in restoration of global economy' at G20

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Sunday at the G20 in Hangzhou, that Russia expected to end its recession in the "near future", adding that the country’s economy "has stabilised."
Putin noted that "now we record moderate growth of industrial production. In the near future, we hope to renew GDP growth". He said "in comparison with last year, capital outflow has decreased five times over. The inflation rate was lowered in by twice."
The Russian leader also mentioned that the leaders of other countries "talk about problems and difficulties" that had been faced. However, he added, that "today we witness slow but positive dynamics in the restoration of a global economy."
The G20 summit, held between 4 and 5 September in Hangzhou, sees governments and representatives from 20 major economic powers meet and discuss strategies for fiscal policy and international financial stability. 2016's G20 summit will be the 11th of its kind. It is the first time that China, Asia's largest economic power, has held the summit.