McDonald's Shareholder: If We Paid Better, Shania Twain Would Still Be Working Here

You might occasionally be thankful to McDonald’s for its breakfast sandwiches or French fries, or maybe for the work it gave you as a struggling young actor.
But one McDonald’s shareholder, speaking at the company’s annual meeting today, said there’s another reason we should appreciate the company: Its low wages have ensured a number of successful former employees went on to do better things.
During an open question session where a number of attendees brought up the company’s low pay, one man who identified himself as a shareholder for the last 25 years cited a number of celebrities who once worked at McDonald’s, including Sharon Stone, Shania Twain, Jay Leno, and Jeff Bezos. The shareholder said, “I’m sure if they were making $15 an hour, they’d still be working at McDonald’s."