Have a Question for a US Company, Better to Use Facebook or Twitter?

Brands are tired of responding to dumb questions on Twitter.
A new report from social media analysis firm Socialbakers found that around four out of five of the millions of questions posed to U.S. companies on Twitter go unanswered.
Inquisitive customers are much more likely to get a response on Facebook, where brands act on about 60% of a much smaller pool of queries.The firm arrived at these numbers by sifting through 6.5 million Tweets and 1.4 million Facebook posts that contained a mention of one of 50,000 worldwide brands — along with a question mark — throughout the first three months of this year.
To qualify for the report, each brand needed to have at least 10,000 questions over the course of the year's first quarter, and the firm sets a benchmark for customer service success at 65% answered.