Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Announces He's Running for President

This may just be the best presidential-candidate announcement yet.
In one of several videos already posted to Bobby Jindal's website that show the governor of Louisiana discussing his decision to seek the Republican nomination in 2016 with his family (a key discussion he had to have, he said, before revealing his intention to the rest of the world), Jindal's three adorable kids have their talking points all ready to roll. he says in the video "Mommy and Daddy have been thinking and talking a lot about this, and we have decided that we are going to be running for president," .
Jindal's wife, Supriya, asked one son,"What do you think about that?" who gives the decision a double thumbs-up.
And all of the kids are totally on board, of course, liking the idea of going back to Iowa (where the whole process really kicks off next year) because the state has great popcorn and they've got a "pretty cool" fair.
What daughter Selia really wants to know, however, is whether, if he wins, she can get a puppy.