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USA: 'Kayaktivists' greet Shell's icebreaker with protest in Portland

2 26.07.2015 Инфо

A group of climate activists calling themselves 'the Kayaktivists' took to their kayaks in the Willamette River in Portland, Saturday, to protest against the arrival of Shell's 'Fennica' icebreaker vessel, which is a part of the fleet headed to drill for oil in the Arctic. 'Fennica' has been sent to Portland by Shell to undergo repairs after it was damaged. Protesters could be seen banging their kayaks with paddles, chanting "Shell, no," while another was holding the flag of Cascadia. The blue part of the flag represents the clear skies and abundant waters of the region. The white stands for the snow and clouds, while the green signifies the trees, grass, shrubs and other vegetation. The protest comes as hundreds of activists in kayaks and boats rallied as part of a floating protest in Seattle's bay in May in a bid to stop two of Shell Oil's drilling rigs from leaving the city's port and heading to the Arctic. After the attempted blockade, the rig began its journey to Alaska, where it will explore for oil in the Arctic Ocean.