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UK: UKIP launch anti-burka policy ahead of General Election

0 24.04.2017 Инфо

United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) leader Paul Nuttall launched his party's anti-burka and pro 'integration' policies at a press conference in the Marriott County Hall Hotel in Westminster, London, on Monday.
Nuttall stated that "Integration is not improving in this country; indeed communities are becoming more divided. Something has to be done and that's why we are setting out our integration agenda today."
UKIP are pushing for policies including a ban on burkas and introducing mandatory medical examinations of girls allegedly at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM).
UKIP MEP Margot Parker described FGM as a "grievous and life-changing abomination" and stated that, under UKIP, girls who are identified to be at risk of FGM will be "required to have medical examinations every year and whenever they return from abroad."
When speaking on the burka ban, UKIP deputy leader Peter Whittle said that face coverings are a "deliberate barrier to integration." He then added that they are a symbol of female oppression and that they "constitute an increasingly serious security risk." Whittle later refuted claims that the proposed bans would extend to beekeepers, who in the professional attire also cover their faces.
Upon leaving the event, Nuttall refused to confirm whether he would stand in the upcoming election following his defeat by Labour at the Stoke-on-trent Central by-election earlier this year.