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France: Merkel and Conte land in Biarritz as G7 summit gets underway

4 24.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Aircraft of German Federal Republic landing, Biarritz
W/S Aircraft taxing on runway
M/S Aircraft taxing on runway
C/U Cockpit
W/S Aircraft taxing on runway
M/S Aircraft taxing on runway
W/S Parked aircraft
M/S Writing on airplane reading (German): "Germany"
M/S Stairway rolling up to door
M/S Soldiers walking up to their position
W/S Soldiers taking position at red carpet
M/S Soldiers in front of aircraft
M/S Airplane's door being opened
M/S German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, disembarking from aircraft
M/S Merkel shaking hands with welcoming committee and heading to limousine
C/U Merkel sitting inside limousine
W/S Limousine and entourage driving off
W/S Aircraft of Italian Republic landing
M/S Aircraft taxing
C/U Cockpit
W/S Parked aircraft and welcoming committee
M/S Welcoming committee and soldiers waiting outside aircraft
C/U Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, disembarking
W/S Conte disembarking
M/S Conte greeting welcoming committee
M/S Conte heading to official car
C/U Conte about to get into car
M/S Conte driving off
German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italy's outgoing Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte landed in the French Basque city of Biarritz ahead of the G7 summit on Saturday.
Footage shows Merkel's arriving ahead of Conte at the airport where they were greeted by a French welcoming committee made up of officials and soldiers.
The G7 summit starts in Biarritz on Saturday and run from August 24 to August 26 and will see world leaders discuss topics including tackling global inequality, the US-China trade dispute, the Hong Kong protests and the climate crisis.