South Africa: Ozzie the goose gets a new prosthetic leg

Ozzie the goose made a few tentative steps, or waddles, on his new prosthetic leg in Cape Town, Tuesday, under the watchful eye of his minder Sue Burger. When Burger found the injured goose she decided to nurse Ozzie until he was fully recovered, but unfortunately his broken leg had to be amputated nonetheless. Fortunately for Ozzie three tech-companies, 3D Printing Systems, BunnyCorp, and the Centre for Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing at the Central University of Technology in South Africa, offered to create a 3-d printed prosthesis for Ozzie. Burger brought the goose to BunnyCorp’s offices to have measurements taken and on April 3 Ozzie had his new leg fitted for the first time. Burger and the relevant company employees will continue to monitor Ozzie’s progress and adjust the prosthetic leg accordingly. The goose will have another fitting on Thursday.