Ukraine: Yatsenyuk rides atop BTR-70, inspects drones as US troops train in Lviv

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk joined US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey R. Pyatt at the Yavorovsky training area in Lviv Region, Thursday, to meet with US troops shipped over to train their Ukrainian counterparts. The Yavorovsky training area is the base of the 'Fearless Guardian' operation which kicked off in April and is aimed at developing Ukraine's National Guard. Yatsenyuk could be seen riding atop of one of the army's BTR-70 in a tight black t-shirt, as well as handling drones. During a brief speech, the Ukrainian Prime Minister expressed his gratitude to all the countries involved in the training Kiev's forces, saying it means "new tactics, new equipment, and… the new spirit of the Ukrainian army." Alongside Yatsenyuk and Ambassador Geoffrey R. Pyatt was Ukrainian Minister of Internal affairs, Arsen Avakov. The UK, Canada and several other EU states have pledged to back Kiev forces with a range of equipment and 'training personnel' in a bid to help the defeat of anti-Kiev forces in eastern Ukraine.