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Iraq: At least 7 dead, dozens injured in renewed clashes in Baghdad

2 22.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Clashes; flames, Baghdad
M/S Clashes
W/S Protesters; flames and smoke billowing
M/S Protesters amid flames and smoke billowing
W/S Protesters amid flames and smoke billowing
C/U Fireworks being launched
W/S Flames
M/S Flames
W/S Flames and laser pointers
W/S Fireworks being launched and flames
M/S Clashes and laser pointers
M/S Clashes
M/S Clashes
M/S Person being hit amid flames
W/S Flames
M/S Protester waving Iraqi flag and other protesters
M/S Cardboard cut-out of Iraqi President Barham Salih being hung
W/S Protesters
M/S Iraqi flag draped over protester's shoulders
C/U Protester holding Iraqi flag
W/S Protester waving flag
M/S Protester waving Iraqi flag
W/S Protesters
At least seven people were killed and dozens more injured in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad on Thursday, in renewed clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces.
The Iraqi security forces reportedly used live fire, rubber bullets and tear gas canisters to quell protesters.
Demonstrators continue to control parts of three major bridges in the centre of the capital, leading up to the city's heavily-fortified Green Zone.
Massive anti-government protests have gripped the country since October, when demonstrators hit the streets, denouncing high levels of unemployment, widespread corruption and a lack of basic services.