Uber Praises New Mexico City Ride-sharing Regulations; Cabbies Grouse

The Uber ride-sharing app praised Mexico City's decision to become the first city in Latin America to issue official regulations for such smartphone-based services.
The city experienced protests in May by taxi cab drivers in defiance of the affect Uber has had on their livelihood.
Uber's spokesman for Mexico and Central America says the company doesn't mind paying 1.5 percent of the proceeds from each ride into a transport-improvement fund.
He hopes the funds will help improve conditions for pedestrians.
The city's medallion taxis complained Thursday they hadn't been advised before the rules were issued Wednesday.
But paradoxically, official cabs may be the biggest beneficiaries.
The head of the city transport department says ride-sharing apps pay more to the city fund than official taxis do.
He added that money would go "preferentially" to improving existing cab service.