Russia: Lipetsk cheesemaker hopes to fill gap left by sanctions

Sorbonne-educated Russian cheesemaker Vladimir Borev spoke of his plans to replace sanctioned Western European cheese during an interview from his farm in Maslovka, Friday.
"We want the Lipetsk Region to become Russia's cheese province. In response to sanctions, we want to learn how to produce cheeses of a good quality and how to do it fast. And sooner or later when sanctions are lifted, Western European cheese would never enter our market again," Borev said.
After opening his farm, Borev invited well-known Corsican experts to help him perfect his craft. The cheesemaker produces his cheese using milk from his own cattle, including sheep, goats and cows, that live on his 20 hectare plot.
Commenting on his inspiration, Borev said: "The idea came when cheeses had disappeared from our shops. The grocery embargo was imposed in response to sanctions. And it was quite offensive that such a good product has been seized from us as a punishment measure. And our French and European friends don't understand that it is impossible to punish Russia."