Chicago Art Exhibit Stirs Controversy With Ferguson Replica

It was an image that shocked and angered many: a dead, black 18- year-old left face-down for hours in the middle of a street after being shot multiple times by a white police officer, his red Cardinals baseball cap knocked from his head by the fall. Now a Chicago art exhibit has stirred controversy with a life-size silicone replica of Michael Brown after he was fatally shot on a street in Ferguson, Missouri, last year. The mannequin, dressed in white T-shirt and khaki pants, lies on the hardwood floor of Gallery Guichard, in the city's Bronzeville neighborhood. The installation is one of 50 works included in "Confronting Truths: Wake Up!," an exhibit by Ti-Rock Moore, a white woman from New Orleans, that has attracted a trickle of visitors since it opened on Friday.