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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met with his Rwandan counterpart Louise Mushikiwabo in Moscow to discuss global political issues and bilateral relations as well as the Syrian conflict, Tuesday. Lavrov commented on reports about US military support for the opposition in Syria saying that "yesterday the Americans reported they have changed their concept regarding support for the opposition. They will drop arms and ammunition from air rather than training on the ground." "It was reported today in the media they have dropped several hundred packages of ammunition with a total weight of 50 tons. Where will all this go? Wouldn't all this ammunition follow the same way as the Toyota jeeps delivered to the opposition [in Syria] by the Americans and now used by ISIL?" he added. Moreover, Lavrov stated that Russian authorities are "ready" to open "cooperation channels" with the UN humanitarian agencies in order to take into account their activity in Syria. "So we can conclude that we must coordinate our steps," he stressed. Mushikiwabo noted that the Rwandan government was "happy" to be briefed about the involvement of Russia in the Syrian conflict. "There is a lot that we read about in the news. Rwanda is a bit far from both the issue on the unrest in Syria but also from the important political discussions being made both in New York and Moscow and other capitals of the world. So it's good for us to hear directly from my counterpart and friend," she said.


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