Is Victoria Grayson Really Dead?! Revenge's Madeleine Stowe Tells All

For a show built on its twists and turns, Revenge delivered what is arguably its biggest shocker ever on Sunday night: in order to finally end her war with Amanda Clarke, Victoria Grayson blew up Grayson Manor...while she was still inside. Yeah, there are remnants of everyone's jaws still on the floors, too. But come on, Victoria Grayson can't really be dead right?! Stowe coyly tells E! News of Victoria's fate, "You'll still see stuff," confirming that she will definitely still appear in "flashbacks" that contain big "revelations" and will fully shed light on what motivated Victoria to take her own life in order to finally bring down Amanda. But even if Victoria somehow miraculously survived the major blast, Stowe confirms her time on the show is officially done, telling E!, "This is my last season."