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Germany: Hockenheim mayor in hospital after attack

9 17.07.2019 Инфо

W/S Exterior of town hall, Hockenheim
W/S Flags outside town hall
W/S Clock tower
C/U Plaque
M/S Hockenheim Coat of Arms
M/S Sign
W/S Exterior of town hall
M/S Town hall plaque
W/S Exterior of town hall
M/S Window
W/S Exterior of town hall
W/S Clock tower
W/S Central street
The outgoing mayor of the German city of Hockenheim Dieter Gummer was taken to hospital after he was attacked by an unknown person on Tuesday.
Police say the attacker rang at the SPD politician's house in nearby Bohl-Iggelheim asking for a
conversation and then punched the 67-year-old Gummer in the face. The perpetrator then fled without being recognised.
As motives for the assault remain unclear, a local police spokesperson said that investigators are looking into all possible options. Gummer was set to leave his post in August.