Tom Brady Stared Down Roger Goodell in A Public Battle of Credibility

Tom Brady is one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in NFL history by any measure.
Four Super Bowl titles. Three Super Bowl MVPs. Two league MVPs. The most postseason wins in NFL history. Seven seasons with more than 4,000 yards. A 50-touchdown season. When you laugh at someone for going 18-1 and winning two conference championships, you’re grasping at platinum-coated straws.
Yet in the past days, weeks and months, Brady has accomplished the most remarkable feat of his entire NFL career: he’s stared down Roger Goodell in a public battle of credibility and has managed to come out looking just as bad as the universally-loathed commissioner. Most thought it couldn’t be done. Most believed Goodell would forever be unchallenged atop the NFL’s trash pile. But we long ago should have stopped being surprised by what the former sixth-round pick out of Michigan can achieve.
How has Brady done it? How has he pulled off the biggest upset of his career since knocking off the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI nearly 16 years ago? Simple. Like a Patriot stealing defensive signals, Brady took Roger Goodell’s playbook.