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Some beach lovers seek the shade to avoid too much sun exposure, while others use plenty of sunscreen; but a shop in the Shandong province has opened up a whole new level of sun protection by selling ‘face-kinis.’ Staff at the store were seen displaying the attire on Thursday. Face-kinis resemble ski masks, covering their entire head of the wearer except for the eyes, nose and mouth. Invented by a middle-aged woman who owns a swimwear store, the garment at first received a lot of criticism and mockery in China. However, cautious beach lovers have increasingly started to wear face-kinis in order to avoid sunburn or even tanning, as pale skin is considered to be a beauty ideal in China. The unique garment has even started to receive international attention with models in Vogue demonstrating how to wear face-kinis in style. The price for face-kinis ranges from 15 to 20 yuan (around €2; $2-3) with retired women being the main buyers. The masks can also provide protection from jellyfish stings and insect bites.


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