Russia: Amnesty International’s Moscow office sealed over alleged rent violations

The entrance to Amnesty International's Moscow office was sealed by city authorities on Wednesday. Amnesty staff stated that when they arrived at the office in the morning, they found the door sealed off and the locks changed.
Alexander Artemyev, Media Manager for Russia and Eurasia at Amnesty International, explained that at "about 10 or 10:30 a.m., our office was closed, well, if to be more precise, [the lock] was broken, our locks were replaced by new ones, our alarm system and electricity were off, and the door was sealed by the Urban Property Department of Moscow."
A note from the Urban Property Department of Moscow attached to the door stated that no one could enter the office without a department representative. Later, the department released a statement saying the office had been sealed due to violations of a rent agreement, outstanding debts and disregard of the department’s requests.
Artemyev disagreed with the position of the Moscow authorities and underlined that Amnesty International's Moscow office had "never received a warning, either in written form or in verbal form or via e-mail."