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Russia: Holy procession marks start of Baptism of Rus' celebrations

8 26.07.2015 Инфо

A religious procession carrying the relics of Saint Vladimir left Grafskaya quay in Sevastopol, Sunday, to mark the Baptism of Rus' and the approaching 1,000th anniversary of the repose of Vladimir the Great. The procession is set to conclude its journey on Tuesday, July 28, after briefly being taken to the city of Balaklva. The relics will be transferred to the tomb of admirals in Sevastopol's St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, where an all-night vigil will be held on Monday-Tuesday. Although the Christianisation of Kievan Rus' occurred in several stages, the definitive date of the Christianization of Kiev dates back to the baptism of Vladimir the Great in 980. Saint Vladimir was baptised at Chersonesos before he went on to baptise his family and residents in Kiev. The location of Vladimir's baptism is today marked by Sevastopol's St. Vladimir's Cathedral. The Kievan Rus' were a loose federation of eastern European Slavic tribes, which are viewed as the ancestors of today's people of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.