France: Lavrov talks Brexit, Syria and Russia-Turkey relations with French FM

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his French counterpart Jean-Marc Ayrault held a joint press conference following their meeting in Paris, Wednesday, where they addressed Brexit, the current situation in Syria, Russia's relations with Turkey and the recent attack on Istanbul's Ataturk Airport.
Commenting on Brexit, Lavrov stated that it was “absolutely an internal matter between Great Britain and the European Union.” However, the Russian FM declared that “we are monitoring the situation because it matters for us how it will affect the relations between Russia and both the EU and Great Britain."
Addressing the latest developments in Syria, the Russian diplomat said that the Russian authorities hope that "the opposition forces, which are cooperating with our partners, will be finally removed from the territories controlled by the terrorists." However, Lavrov went on to say that "the High Negotiations Committee of the Syrian Opposition is acting in an unconstructive, ultimate way, refusing to sit at one table with other Syrian parties and doesn't make initiatives."
Moving on to the topic of Turkey, Lavrov condemned the “terrible terrorist attacks in Istanbul Airport” which occurred late on Tuesday killing at least 41 people. ��\x9CWe understand that one condemnation does not suffice, but concrete actions are required on the unification of the powers of all countries, in the fight with this evil" he added.
Lavrov finished by addressing the recent apology that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made to the Russian President Vladimir Putin over the downing of the Russian warplane back in November. “I think that we will resume the cooperation with our Turkish partners aimed at the settlement of the Syrian crisis especially, as you know, it depends a lot from Turkey" he said.