Гърция: 48 часа - Атина е разединена, датата на референдума наближава

Athens' city centre was dominated by 'No' promoters on Friday morning for the upcoming referendum on Sunday, although the Greek capital remains divided, the latest polls suggest. Queues of people could be seen lining up in front of ATMs in the early morning hours to get withdrawals of €60 ($66). The Greek government closed the country's banks on Monday, as well as imposing limits on cash withdrawals until July 6. Flyers of Thursday's 'No' rally were lying about the streets before being picked up by cleaners bit by bit. The Greek people will hold a referendum on Sunday 5 to decide whether to accept the austerity measures requested by the so-called "troika" (IMF, ECB, EC). A 'No' vote by the Greek people would reject new austerity measures that are demanded by Greece's creditors, while a 'Yes' would accept the institutions' conditions for a new Greek bailout package.