Aasif Mandvi's Biting Take on the Great American Sitcom

A lot has changed for Aasif Mandvi over the years. Rolling Stone profiles the comedian who first arrived in New York 30 years ago.
The Indian-American actor started climbing the ladder of what he calls "brown-guy roles" – the small supporting gigs he says were available to him off-Broadway, in commercials and on goofy sitcoms. He told Rolling Stone, he first parts are mostly cab drivers and deli owners, Then, you graduate to playing doctors, dentists, maybe even an obstetrician. And then," he says with a grin, "You got to play a terrorist adding You know you've hit the big time when you grow a beard and say things like 'Death to America!' in an Arabic accent. That was all that was open to me."
But Mandvi has gone from spouting one-liners from the front seat of taxis to being one of the most in-demand writers and actors in comedy. For the past nine years, his main gig has been The Daily Show, where he is the "Senior Muslim Correspondent,