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Протести в Ню Йорк след смъртта на Миа Хол

15 02.06.2015 Инфо

Dozens of protesters invaded New York's Grand Central Station, Monday, demonstrating against the death of Mya Hall, an unarmed African-American transgender woman who was shot in Baltimore by a National Security Agency security guard, on March 30. Protesters carried signs reading “N.Y.P.D homegrown terrorists” and held portraits of Hall aloft. The protest went ahead under the watchful eye of scores of police officers and National Guard service personnel. Mya Hall was shot outside the Baltimore headquarters of the NSA in Fort Meade, after she reportedly made a wrong-turn in a car she had allegedly stolen that evening. A security guard proceeded to open fire on the vehicle causing it to crash into the gates of the compound. Authorities announced that the security guard had opened fire after the vehicle did not initially stop when ordered to do so.