Blackberry Smoke Discusses Their Strange Country Success

Whatever the reason for their country crossover, Atlanta-based Blackberry Smoke is grateful for the success.
Even though the Southern rock band doesn't hide their sentiments on style, their drummer's kit even reads "Rock & Roll," the five-piece has found a fan base among the Country faithful; including Nashville. The band played a show at the Ryman Auditorium, once home to the Grand Ole Opry.
Brit Turner, the band's drummer said of their crossover success, "a lot of people have said that rock & roll radio disappeared and became pop and rap, and the only thing similar to it was country music."
Turner added he also toured with a kick drum that reads "Country."
With next to no radio support, Blackberry Smoke have been building a loyal base on the road, so when Holding All the Roses hit stores, fans were ready to snatch it up. It's a sign that the old-fashioned system of tireless touring behind an honest product still works.