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Valentina Matvienko, Chairman of the Federation Council, said that Moscow would be open to attacking the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in Iraq but only at the request of the Iraqi government, during a press conference in Amman on Tuesday. The speaker added that Russia would also have to "consider the expediency of the political and military involvement of our Air Force" before agreeing to military support. The politician did stress that "as long as there is no such appeal; we will not try to tell our fortunes by reading tea leaves". Matviyenko also rejected the idea that Russia's involvement in Syria would lead to an "increased terrorist threat," stating "our law enforcement agencies have had very extensive experience of combating international terrorism, and in recent years, we have reduced the number of terrorist acts." Russia's top parliamentarian was speaking on the second day of a two day visit to Jordan, less than a week after Russia began airstrikes against IS targets in neighbouring Syria. During her visit she has held meetings with King Abdullah II of Jordan, the Foreign Minister and the President of the Senate.


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