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Brazil: Gigi the parrot becomes world's first bird with a titanium 3D beak

499 26.02.2016 Инфо

Veterinarians and 3D printing experts fitted Gigi the parrot with a 3D printed titanium beak at the Animal Care Center Ipiranga in Sao Paulo earlier in February.
The previously captive macaw was brought to the shelter with a beak so injured it wasn't able to feed itself. Just days after surgery however the blue and yellow bird was able to eat solid foods such as seeds and nuts.
Gigi's device was made by a team of 3D experts from Renato Archer Technology and Information Center (CTI) in Campinas, who had previously 3D-printed a shell for Freddy the tortoise and a beak for a wounded toucan. However those devices were made of plastic.
Video courtesy of CETAS