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Indonesia: Spectacular celebrations mark Independence Day in Jakarta

0 17.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Horse-drawn carriage, Jakarta
C/U Horse
M/S Officers on horseback before parade
W/S Parade
W/S Spectators
W/S Parade
W/S Cannons firing
SOT, Thea Saliba, visitor from Australia: "I think it's very important for Indonesia to have independence and not be controlled by other countries. I think Indonesia has many beautiful cultures, languages. There is incredible talent here, and the people are very beautiful. So I would really like to see the country thrive for itself. I am really here to just support Yayasan, and all the people working there are Indonesian. So yeah, I am very humbled and proud to be with them. But yeah, I am really happy for Indonesia to be independent and govern itself."
M/S Greasy poles
W/S Contestants climbing greasy poles to retrieve prizes
W/S Panjat Pinang Contestants and spectators
Celebrations were held across Jakarta on Saturday, as Indonesia marked its 74th Independence Day.
They included a national flag-hoisting ceremony at Jakarta's Merdeka Palace, parades and traditional games.
Footage shows a parade and local residents taking part in the Panjat Pinang competition with contestants climbing greasy poles to retrieve prizes.
Indonesia proclaimed its independence on August 17 1945, two days after Japan, which briefly occupied the country, announced its surrender in the Second World War.