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Syria: Kurdish protesters briefly halt departing US military convoy

2 21.10.2019 Инфо

M/S Local Kurd standing in front of US army vehicle with sign
M/S Local Kurds with signs as US army convoy drive through
M/S Local Kurds with signs
M/S Local Kurd stops US army vehicle, holding sign reading: "To the US Army who are leaving northeast Syria now tell your children that the children of the Kurds were killed by the Turks and *illegible* did nothing to protect them"
M/S Locals with signs
M/S US army vehicles driving by
W/S US army vehicles driving by
M/S US army vehicles with US flags arriving in inhabited area
Members of Qamishli's local Kurdish population stood in the way of a US military convoy holding up signs criticising their withdrawal from Syria.
One message read: "We want to live in peace", while another called on US troops to tell their children that "the children of the Kurds were killed by the Turks" and they "did nothing to protect them."
They eventually moved aside and let the convoy pass.
US Secretary of Defence Mark Esper was reported as saying that under current plans all US troops leaving Syria - some 1,000 soldiers - were headed for Iraq to join an existing 5,000-strong US contingent there. US President Donald Trump has previously vowed to bring US troops home.
Turkey's military offensive, dubbed 'Operation Peace Spring,' began on October 9, days after the White House announced a withdrawal of US troops from the area. Ankara says the aim of the offensive is to establish a 'safe zone' in north eastern Syria.