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Residents of al-Bahsa, Hama Governorate, found scores of corpses when they returned home after the Syrian Army, supported by Russian Air Forces, pushed back the radical forces that were in control of the city, Friday. Some of this casualties had signs of brutality on their bodies, such as tied-hands, suggesting physical abuse. Others had bullet holes in the back of the skull, indicating they were executed. Al-Bahsa, located 100 km (62,2 mi) east of Latakia, has long been under the control of radical groups. Although the recent offensive pushed them out, some scattered groups of fighters are still in the city, trying to resist. The whole village has an underground utility systems, which is being used by militants to relocate and escape from the Syrian Army. The Syrian Army started advancing on Thursday, after Russian Air Force jets had managed to destroy various important targets controlled by militant groups, like storage facilities or military bases.


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