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Scientists at the European Space Agency say they are hopeful of receiving new messages from the Philae comet lander as early as Wednesday. No new data was received overnight -- as expected -- but the next available "window" is approaching fast, and experts say it could offer the best chance since of communication with Philae since last weekend. It was the first contact since it went into hibernation after running out of power seven months ago. In the ensuing 85-second "conversation" with Rosetta, Philae sent back more than 300 packets of data from Comet 67P, the astral body it was sent to investigate. It made brief contact again on Sunday, but the link did not last long enough for it to transmit further. Mark McCaughrean, ESA's senior science advisor, explained that the chance to hear from Philae comes around approximately every 12.5 hours -- but the lander isn't always able to send back information.


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