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Russia: Avrora Robotics showcases unmanned bus at Forum of Strategic Initiatives

4 22.07.2016 Инфо

The first Russian-made prototype of an unmanned bus was unveiled at Moscow's Forum of Strategic Initiatives on Friday.
An electric, driverless shuttle bus is fully automatic and is controlled with a high-tech navigation system. The vehicle is a development of the Russian engineering team Avrora Robotics based in Skolkovo.
"Lidars [light detection and ranging] which build a 3D map around the vehicle are used along with stereo-video cameras, GLONASS, GPS and inertial systems," Avrora Robotics CEO Vitaly Savelyev told journalists.
He continued: "In the next five-seven years we are planning to use this technology in full-sized buses which can drive on public roads and be integrated into the city's environment."
The Forum of Strategic Initiatives runs at the VDNKh Exhibition Centre until Sunday. The event brings together hundreds of academics, experts and officials to discuss the implementation of hi-tech technologies in Russia.