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Facebook friend, I need you to read this. I'm reaching out to you as my friend, fellow change maker and lover of Mr. DAMON SALVATORE. It's going to be an intense week for me and I'm asking for your help. Right now I'm asking you to Repost this please!I NEED YOU.Sign this NOW please! https://www.change.org/p/president-of-the-people-s-republic… Stop the senseless and barbaric killing of dogs in the streets at the Yulin Dog meat Festival. Beaten, burned and skinned alive in the streets? Is this really happening!? Do some research online. Google it! Any Chinese Stars use your power and your voice! Everyone please raise your voices louder than the shrieks and muffled voices of these helpless animals being killed. I'm SO FUCKING ANGRY ABOUT THIS AND I HOPE YOU ARE AS WELL.THEY ABDUCT DOGS FOR THIS. IS THIS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN? IS THIS WHAT OUR CHILDREN SHOULD SEE! RAISE YOUR VOICE AND TELL THE PRESIDENT OF THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA TO STOP THIS! THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY IS STANDING TOGETHER WITH THE PEOPLE IN CHINA WHO DO NOT WANT THIS. WE MUST STOP THIS. EXPRESS YOUR VOICE IN THE COMMENTS BELOW AFTER YOUVE SIGNED THIS PETITION. ILL BE LOOKING AT THEM TO TALK YOU ALL. LETS CHANGE THE LAW IN CHINA! LETS CHANGE THE WAY WE ARE. THE WORLD CAN NOT FUNCTION THIS WAY...


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